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Latest News about the Youth Advocate Program

The Youth Advocate Program at Mountain View Prevention Services has expanded with funding from the Northern New York Community Foundation ( NNYCF). With this special grant Mountain View Prevention Services can offer the YA program to students in Copenhagen and Harrisville Central Schools for grades Kindergarten through grade 5.   See below for more information..  

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The Youth Advocacy Program

The Youth Advocacy Program originated in 1982 as a response to the increasing number of troubled youth in the surrounding communities throughout Lewis County. The program offers free advocacy to youth through the school system. Students of participating schools may seek Youth Advocate services voluntarily or may be referred by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, or other school staff. Our Youth Advocates provide services to Beaver River Central (grades K-12), Lowville Academy (grades 6-12) and South Lewis Central (grades 6-12).

(L to R) Jaime Paquette, Youth Advocate serving Lowville Academy grades 6-12 and Beaver River grades K-5 and Carrie Kubinski, Youth Advocate serving South Lewis grades 6-12 and Beaver River grades 6-12.

The goal of the program is to assist youth to better understand their concerns, accept responsibility, and cope more effectively with the demands they face. This is provided through confidential, informed, supportive and preventive advocacy by the Youth Advocate on an individual or small group basis.

The Youth Advocacy Program is bound by State and Federal Laws regarding confidentiality.  At the first visit and prior to admission, each student is informed of their right to confidentiality.  He/She is informed that all information shared with the Youth Advocate Counselor will not be made available to any individual without a release of information agreement signed voluntarily by the student.  In case of disclosed child abuse/neglect or personal harm necessary contacts will be made to ensure the safety of the student.

          Reasons for Seeking Youth Advocate Services

Academic Struggles
Peer/Dating Relationships
Feeling Stressed/Overwhelmed
Problems at Home
Behavioral Problems

Anger Management
Needing Someone to Talk to

Parents' Divorce/Separation

Parents' Deployment

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