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Underage Drinking Tipline

Mountain View Prevention Services is partnering with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department in sponsoring a Tipline – a prevention and intervention safety net for young people.  This program was implemented in Lewis, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties in March 2010. 

The Tipline number, 1-800-851-1932 is free, confidential and anonymous. Concerned adults, teachers, students and friends now have a place to call 24 hours a day to report underage drinking parties or other activities that are harmful to the health, safety and/or welfare of young people. By dialing the Tipline number, a call is received by a western New York (WNY) dispatching center which in turn calls a local dispatching unit.

After calling the Tipline, basic information will be requested (e.g. location of party, estimated number of young people attending, what is being served, if adults are present). By calling the Tipline, a difference can be made, and perhaps a potential tragedy diverted. Knowledge of the Tipline is important all year but especially during prom, graduation, holidays and summer vacation seasons.

The Tipline was started in 2005 in WNY by the Regional Action Phone, Inc. (RAP) and the Genesee /Orleans Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (GCASA).  It is supported by the WNY Resource Center at GCASA.  In 2009 it was opened for other counties to participate. Mountain View Prevention Services in Lewis County, the Seaway Valley Prevention Council in St. Lawrence County and Jefferson County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council have worked with local law enforcement to bring the Tipline to the North Country.

1-800-851-1932 “You know you care…make the call”

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