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Reality Check:

Reality Check is a Youth Action Program.  It is a movement of 13-18 year olds in New York State that seek to de-glamorize and de-normalize tobacco use and expose the manipulative, deceptive marketing practices of the tobacco industry.  Reality Check youth advocate through media, community events and work with decision makers to obtain tobacco control policies and resolutions.


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Reality Check’s Key Initiatives:

Smoke Free Movie Campaign:

            In the local, national and global arena Reality Check has led the way with the Smoke Free Movies Campaign. The goal is to eliminate all tobacco use and brand promotion in all new youth rated films. Experts estimate that 120,000 lives a year could be saved by eliminating tobacco from mov­ies.

Reality Check is asking that parent groups and local organizations sign and submit resolutions, which support the four main goals of the initiative. With these resolutions Reality Check hopes to convince the Major Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)and the Major Motion Picture Companies that smoking does not belong in youth rated movies.  

Four Main Goals of This Initiative:

·         Any new movie with smoking will receive an R-Rating.

·         If smoking is present in the film there will be a strong anti-tobacco message at the beginning of the film.

·         The MPAA will certify that no payoffs were affiliated in the making of the film.

·         No tobacco company branding will be present in new films.

Tobacco Ad Free Periodical Campaign:

          Tobacco advertising in magazines glamorizes and normalizes tobacco use. Reality Check is working to eliminate all tobacco advertising in any magazines that have a youth readership. Reality Check is assisting subscribers in requesting tobacco-free ad magazines and ensuring that publishers honor such requests.

Point of Sale Campaign:

          Tobacco com­panies have greatly intensified their marketing in stores. Stores in New York State have an average of 18 tobacco ads displayed per store.  In New York State, the average shopper is exposed to 1,140 cigarette advertisements per year. Reality Check is working with local municipalities to pass ordinances that require tobacco products to be kept out of consumer view inside all non-adults only retail establishments and/or restrict the number, location and type of retailers that sell tobacco products within a municipality jurisdiction.



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