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Tips Training

Mountain View Prevention Services in Partnership with the Central Region Prevention Resource Center sponsors Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS Training) for area restaurants, bars and establishments that serve alcohol on their premises or sell alcohol for off premise use.         

TIPS trainings are an important component of a community’s strategy to reduce the risk of problems associated with alcohol outlets. They focus on the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and practices of persons involved in selling or serving alcoholic beverages. The trainings’ primary goal is to prevent sales of alcoholic beverages to underage and intoxicated patrons and reduce the risks of intoxication occurring on a particular businesses’ premises. Businesses that participate and complete this training will have servers certified with the TIPS program for three years. There is a small fee for participating in this class.

TIPS trainings help both local businesses and our community.

Ø  Servers are informed of techniques to identify and refuse service to intoxicated and underage patrons;

Ø  Managers learn to develop and implement policies and procedures to support servers’ intervention techniques;

Ø  Security staff is better able to manage problem behavior without escalating aggression or increasing the risk of danger to the safety of the belligerent patron or innocent bystanders.

Ø  Servers understand the physiological effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the signs and stages of intoxication.

Ø  Servers develop basic skills designed to prevent or limit sales and service to minors and intoxicated patrons.

Also available with TIPS is the Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training, certified through the New York State Liquor Authority.  The primary benefit of participating in this training is mitigated penalties offered to licensees with trained staff if they are found to have violated laws prohibiting sales to minors or intoxicated persons.  There may also be a reduction of the cost of your liability insurance if your carrier recognizes the TIPS or RBS trainings.

Call Mountain View Prevention Services at 315-376-2321 for additional information or to register for the next class.




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