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Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are awarded to a graduate from each of the five Lewis County schools as well as Adirondack Central. Although it may seem that underage drinking is a national concern, we do know that there are many youth who refuse to include alcohol and drugs as part of their lives.  These same individuals have a positive impact on their peers.  The award is presented to a senior who has best demonstrated alcohol and other drug-free behavior in their own life and their influence on others.

2011 Scholarship Winners

Adirondack Central School- Brian Trainor

Beaver River Central School- Deidra Beller

Copenhagen Central School- Bethany Deveines

Harrisville Central School- Ty Bennet

Lowville Academy and Central School- Stephanie Norton

South Lewis Central School- Brittany Knoblauch

2010 Scholarship Winners

Adirondack Central School- Dalton Hyde

Beaver River Central School- Elizabeth Widrick

Copenhagen Central School- Kayla McNamara

Harrisville Central School- Jennalee Lesperance

Lowville Academy and Central School- Nathan Kelly

South Lewis Central School- Justin Ferris

2009 Scholarship Winners

Adirondack Central School- Sarah Mudge

Beaver River Central School- Kylie Pominville

Copenhagen Central School- Brittany Leigh Tomaselli

Harrisville Central School- Nichole French

Lowville Academy and Central School- Megan Vincent

South Lewis Central School- Ethan Martin



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