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Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL)

In January 2010 Mountain View Prevention Services received word from OASAS Commissioner, Karen Carpenter-Palumbo that the proposal we submitted in response to the 2009 EUDL Prevention, Community and Law Enforcement Partnership RFP was funded at $20,000 for this year.

OASAS administers the federally funded Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, EUDL Block Grant. This block grant supports states with funding to:

v  Develop comprehensive and coordinated initiatives to enforce state laws that  prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages to individuals under 21 years of age; and

v  Support strategies that prevent the purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 years of age.

As a result of this grant, MVPS is able to partner with local law enforcement to support their efforts in regards to underage drinking enforcement details. MVPS will provide community education through the implementation of the Tipline, parent information sessions, a training session for law enforcement on the prevention and dispersal of underage drinking parties and many other events.

Each year approximately 6,000 youth die from an underage drinking related incident, which is why it is important to encourage young people that it is not okay or all right for them to drink alcohol.

Research indicates that a person's brain continues to develop well into his or her early to mid-twenties. Because critical judgment and decision-making skills are still not fully developed in teens, young people that drink place themselves in high-risk situations which can lead to teen pregnancy, car accidents, alcohol poisoning, violence and other serious health issues.

MVPS partnered with Lewis County school districts in spring 2009 to administer the Prevention Needs Assessment survey to all Lewis County middle and high school age students, grades 6 through 12. MVPS last surveyed our youth population in 2006.  In comparing the 2009 and 2006 data, it is apparent at all age levels that underage drinking continues to be a popular pastime for our youth.

It is MVPS intent to work with both community partners and local law enforcement to begin to change attitudes towards and the acceptance of underage drinking in Lewis County.



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